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Alternative male hair loss remedy

Since the discovery of the main cause of hereditary baldness which is the naturally occurring metabolite of the male hormone testosterone chemically called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) we finally know how to fight this widespread condition and a search for medicinal and natural drugs that either inhibit production of this metabolite or block its activity at receptor sites in hair follicles has begun. The first medicinal drug which got approved for the treatment of male pattern hair loss was finasteride - Propecia. Millions of male hair loss patients use this pill daily to halt their hair loss and regrow lost hair. However, finasteride was later found to lose its effectiveness after prolonged use.

Another anti-androgen acting as DHT inhibitor emerged as a prospective hair loss treatment recently and it was subjected to all three phases of clinical testing for treating hair loss in male patients. It successfully completed all three phases of clinical tests and now it awaits approval by the FDA. It acts by the same mode of action as finasteride but since it is a dual DHT inhibitor, blocking both iso-forms of DHT, it is a more effective weapon in fight against male hereditary hair loss. In addition, it was shown to help protect hair follicles also in the frontal scalp area where hair is needed most. Many hair restoration physicians prescribe dutasteride (trade name of the original medication is Avodart) to their male hair loss patients who do not see satisfactory results from Propecia. Since hair loss treatment is not included on the list of health conditions that health insurances firms wish to support by reimbursing their treatment costs, patients must buy Avodart dutasteride online in order to save on expenses on acquiring this medication as it has to be taken for the rest of the patient’s life.

As is the case with all anti-androgens their positive effects will go away once you drop the treatment. Avodart (dutasteride) may be a bit more pricy than finasteride (Propecia) but for many patients it is the only existing option to save their hair while waiting for the ultimate cure for hereditary hair loss that is not expected to emerge earlier than in 10-15 years. One thing that Avodart can do, that no other hair loss treatment can, is to help you save your hair also in the front of your scalp. Frontal hair is known to be the most difficult to safe, let alone to regrow, so if you really wish to prevent needing a hair surgery to restore your lost hair you better use Avodart.

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